Enneagram Strategies for Soul-Centered Leaders – online

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Enneagram author and teacher Suzanne Stabile says that if she ever meets Paul the Apostle in heaven, before asking him any questions, she has an answer to one of his own questions. In Romans Paul laments:
I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.
Stabile claims that the reason Paul did what he did not want to do (and the reason any of us do what we don’t want to do) is because of Enneagram type. Our personality is what makes us who we are, it provides us with our strengths and virtues, and it also holds us back from what we want to do — and keeps us blindly repeating unwanted behavior.
I hope you will join me for this month-long exploration of what our Enneagram type is and what it means for our work and relationships.

Do you wish you knew why certain people respond the way they do in life and business? Do you wish you knew what was motivating the people you lead and report to? What if there was a system for understanding the nine basic personality types you will find in the workplace?

The Enneagram is an ancient system for understanding the nine fundamental personality types. Underneath each of the nine patterns is a basic belief about what you need in life for survival and satisfaction. As you discover your type, you will also discover what motivates you, your coping strategy, and keys to personal development.
This centuries-old system was originally created for spiritual development. It teaches us to develop our “inner observer” to discern what is authentic, to observe ourselves without judgment, and ultimately to transform ourselves. Join certified Enneagram Instructor Daniel Hope for this month-long online course that will better help you understand your own Enneagram type and also learn how it interacts with your coworkers, colleagues and family. You will learn which strategy you subconsciously employ when you are feeling stressed and which strategy you must develop in order to attain wholeness. This online course is the perfect opportunity for soul-centered leaders to deeper understand the source of their leadership.
New module released each week (online webinar each Friday)
Week 1: What is the Enneagram and Know Your Enneagram Type
Week 2: Instincts & Biases: Why there are so many type variations
Week 3: Enneagram Wings & Arrows: Where you go in stress and where you can turn for wholeness
Week 4: Putting the Enneagram to Work: Applying Enneagram to Work & Relationships


Week 1 Lesson 1: What is the Enneagram

Week 2 Lesson 2: Instincts & Biases

Week 3: Lesson 3: Wings & Arrows

Week 4: Lesson 4: Putting the Enneagram to Work