Finding Heart in Your Work

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“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” – Frederick Buechner

The Institute for Soul-Centered Leadership is proud to launch our very first online course. This format will offer students more flexibility in when and where they participate in the learning and will also expand our reach beyond the Austin area. Each week’s module will leave you with a compelling and timely topic to be discussed in a dedicated online community platform and students will retain access to all course material for life.
Are you seeking a renewed sense of meaning and fulfillment in your work? Would you like to feel more innovative in your work and less overwhelmed? In this month-long course you will learn how to approach your work as a spiritual practice-embracing your imperfections while cultivating your strengths. Through the use of mythology, film, literature and sacred scripture, we will rediscover a deep sense of purpose for our lives that resonates with both external reality and our own inner truth. Instead of conditioning ourselves to work more, which can lead to burnout, we will explore what it means to engage our work with our whole hearts, and how wholeheartedness can be the antidote to burnout. We will nurture and ground our self-discovery with contemplative practices and rituals so that we may once again find heart in our daily work.
Classes will be delivered online and for our final meeting students will have the choice of an Austin happy hour or interactive webinar. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to explore your true calling-remotely and in community.

Course Outline

Week 1
Listening to the Call:  What called you to your work? Does it feel like the work you are doing now is connected to that original call?  In this first week, we will look at how to discern and reconnect with that calling.  To bring these topics to life we will draw on film, poetry and guided meditation.  No matter how exhausted or overwhelmed you may feel, your calling is always there just waiting for you to listen.Week 2
Whole-heartedness: The Antidote to Burnout:  Did you know rest is not necessarily the antidote to the type of exhaustion you may be feeling?  Through a guided reflection, we will look at what that antidote is. What are the qualities you admire in a leader?  In this week, we will look at the qualities of people who find heart in their work and we will look at ways we can become more like the Contemplative Leaders we admire.Week 3
Dreaming the Dream: Bringing Forth What is Within You:  In this week we will ask the question, “Who am I and what is my work?” Believing we are doing “Right Work” prevents burnout and makes us truly feel that our heart is in what we are doing.  We will look at the next steps on the journey to Right Work and how we can remain courageous enough to take them and inspired enough to maintain them.Week 4
Live Webinar:  This is where our learning will all come together.  In this webinar we will have a chance to explore this material as a community —  we will share insights gained and look at questions that have come up.


Happy Hour:  If you can make it to Austin, please join us for a Happy Hour celebration of completing Seton Cove’s first online course and also the launch of the Institute for Soul-Centered Leadership’s new website.